Welcome, Read-Aloud Revival Listeners!


Hello friends! Is it okay if I call you friends? After all, we’re all members of Sarah Mackenzie's Read-Aloud Revival community.

(And as you can see, I am even the proud owner of an RAR coffee mug!)  

It was my privilege to talk with Sarah on her podcast about the power of foreign language read-alouds for homeschooling families. If you’ve ended up here after listening to our conversation, welcome! If you're a regular reader here at Language Learning At Home and haven't gotten a chance to listen, you can find that interview right here

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Finally, if you’d like to check out the blog, you are more than welcome to show yourself around, but I hope that you’ll find the following posts particularly useful and inspiring for your language learning journey: 

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Thanks again for visiting, and I hope that what you find here takes you one step further towards  building your family culture around (foreign language) books.