About Me:


I'm Anne. I have a PhD in Spanish from the University of Virginia and I'm also a wife and mother to two adorable boys.

My goal with Language Learning At Home is to help homeschooling families study foreign languages better--while enjoying the process! To that end, I share the best language learning strategies and new ideas for bringing delight to your language study. I also document my own journey raising and educating my boys in Spanish and English (with a smidge of Portuguese thrown in).

When I'm not writing here or with my boys, you'll likely find me cooking, listening to a good audiobook, and/or scheming up travel plans for future tours of Latin America.

Thanks for visiting--I look forward to getting to know you better!

Why "Language Learning At Home"

Language learning is not just about memorizing vocabulary, mastering new grammar, or perfecting your accent.

It's about learning how to be "at home" in another culture, which means adopting a different mode of being in the world--a different version of your very self.

In our home here in Washington, DC, we live a bilingual life. As my boys grow up, I want them to feel "at home" in both English and Spanish--not so that they can check a box on college admissions paperwork or gloat over their bilingualism, but so that they can befriend people from many different cultures around the world. It is my hope that their experience of language learning and cultural education will give them a rich understanding of our beautiful, diverse world, and a humble desire to learn from and serve others.

I hope that my writing here at Language Learning At Home will help to you feel a little more "at home" as well. Whether your child is the foreign language student, or you are learning alongside him or her, I hope that we can support your family's journey.