I’ve created this page to help you find your way around all of the resources that I have to offer on this site—I hope you’ll find it a helpful index of my best articles. I’ve starred the ones that are my favorites, so enjoy!

How Do Kids Learn Foreign Languages?

Five Approaches to Teaching a Foreign Language

How to Choose a Foreign Language to Study in Your Homeschool

Homeschool Language Learning for Littles*

Why I Want My Kids to Learn Foreign Languages*

Seven Advantages Homeschoolers Have for Learning a Foreign Language

Teaching Strategies for Any Foreign Language

39 Ways to Practice a Foreign Language in 5 Minutes or Less*

How to Homeschool Multiple Languages

Scheduling Foreign Language Practice

Creating an Immersive Environment (At Home!) for Language Learning

Using Music to Homeschool Foreign Languages* and Where to Find Foreign Language Music

Bilingual Parenting for Non-Native Speakers

Audiobooks: The Secret Weapon for Homeschool Language Learning* and Our Family Favorites

When Your Child Hates Language Learning

Five Multi-Sensory Games for Language Learning

Foreign Language Curriculum Reviews

How I Review Homeschool Foreign Language Curricula (And Why You Should Care)*

Complete Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Round-Up

Complete French Homeschool Curriculum Round-Up

Complete Latin Homeschool Curriculum Round-Up

My Honest Review of Duolingo for Homeschool Language Learning

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Breaking the Barrier

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Whistlefritz French and Spanish

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Song School Latin

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Song School Spanish

Foreign Language Supplements for Homeschoolers

French and Spanish Children’s Magazines

5 Free Resources for Homeschool Spanish Practice

5 Free Resources for Homeschool French Practice

Using Netflix Kids for Foreign Language Learning

Our Family’s Favorite Spanish-Language Audiobooks

Our Family’s Favorite Spanish-and Portuguese-Language Music for Kids

Cultural Learning for Homeschoolers

Our Family’s Favorite Books About Mexico

5 Easy Tips for Cultural Learning at Home

Worldschooling Resources

How We’re Preparing Our Kids to Worldschool in Mexico

7 Slightly Quirky Things I’m Packing to Worldschool in Mexico

The Highs and Lows of Worldschooling with Young Kids*

Worldschooling in Mexico City: My Favorite Activities for Young Kids