Introductions and Language Learning 101

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My name is Anne, and I’m the writer behind Language Learning At Home. 

In the past three years, I’ve birthed three babies: two adorable sons and one 300-page dissertation in Spanish. 

Now that I have my PhD, I am staying at home with my sons, educating them bilingually, and using my training to help other parents understand how best to incorporate language learning into their academic plans and family culture. 

My goal—really, my passion—is to help you bring both delight and diligence to the study of foreign languages in your homeschool. 

And to that end, I’ve got some exciting things planned for us. 

In the next few weeks, look out for my series Language Learning 101, which will cover 10 basic principles of effective language learning. These are: 

  1. Have realistic expectations
  2. Seek authentic exposure
  3. Practice the right way
  4. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  5. Make mistakes, then correct them. 
  6. Connect language to culture
  7. Activate your senses
  8. LOVE the language
  9. Involve others.
  10. Celebrate progress. 

I hope that this series will be of use to you as you begin the school year, and will provide guidance and inspiration for the months ahead. 

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments. What questions do you have about language learning? What challenges has your family faced in studying foreign languages? What have you done well?

I’m so looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my ideas with you—¡hasta pronto!